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Welcome to the landing page for #Booked It: A Broadway Musician's Guide to Theatre, Facebook, and being #Grateful. Here we'll be having real, down to earth discussions about the epidemic of brazen social media statuses as well has having broadway celebrities weigh in on the state of affairs! Stay tuned for updates!!!


Special thanks to backstage.com for their write-up! You can find the article here:


It goes without saying that we "have big things coming....stay tuned...."


Are you an actor? Do you get 8,000 mailers from 46th street for no readily known reason? Do you talk to your glassy eyed friends about worker protections and the pension fund even though you haven't been on stage in 3 years? You may be in a cult. We would like to help you assess your entrenchment with Episode 17: Actor's Equity-Am I In A Cult? Really....you probably are. 


We want to hear from you! Not only do we want your #grateful statuses, we'd love to hear your ideas for shows, guests, new restaurants, barbers, literally anything. In the wake of this world madness, we're here for you (don't get any ideas) and this is your scene. Talk to us! We literally only hear from our mothers.